Good Night, Sweet Prince...

Back when I was just a little Scotty D, I used to sit down everyday at 4 and watch "Shining Time Station." I always found it wierd, but for the first few episodes, my Mom or Dad would sit down with me and watch even though they didn't seem that interested in the show. Years later I found out they were watching not the show, but one character, Mr. Conductor, the wise magical little man who lived in the mural at the station and always taught the kids lessons through story. It wouldn't be until I was 13 that I saw "Mr. Conductor" again and realized why my parents watched him. He was in fact played by George Carlin, and when I started listening to his bits and reading his books, I instantly became a fan. Over the past 8 years I've bought all his books, listened to all his bits, and even have his DVDs. George became one of my idols, not because of his controversy, but because he spoke out about how blind people were to the fact that the world around them wasn't the one screwing them over, it was other people. That, as he put it "The world is fine, the people are fucked"

Everytime he came to Vancouver to perform live, his tickets would always sell out way too quick for me to get a hold of any. However, a new performance came up about 2 weeks ago, and when tickets went on sale, my cousin was lucky enough to get a stack. He said he'd get me and my folks some tickets, but now George is gone, and I can't help but feel a bit of regret that I never got to meet the man or even see a show of his live...

This update is for George Carlin. He will be missed

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